who else has heard this??

sham 69's hurry up harry in england style for the world cup!!!

its really amazing the best football song this year

i dont know much about it but im know it has sham 69s jimmy pursey on vocals

better than embraces cheesefest anyway!!

if you have heard it what are your opinions?
heard it when i saw sham at Academy in the UK - they and the song kick arse!
If anyone knows where you can download/listen to it it would be much appreciated
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!

the same lyrics to Hurry up Harry?

That's the thing I love about Sham 69. It reminds me of going down the local for a pint, a fag, and a go on the old slot machines.

And that's why us Cockneys are better than you yanks, with your cattle ranches and your new york penthouses and macdonalds and starbucks.

It's called Hurry up England.

here's one version:

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the lyrics on the chorus are
Come on, come on hurry up England come on
We're gonna win the cup

dunno about the verses though

'No I don't want a cup of tea'
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!