im most likely buying an agile Al3000 prestige, and theres the standard model and the slimmer neck model. Ive been playing a strat for a while, so thats what im used to...is the thicker neck any harder to play? i figure i can play faster in solos on the slimmer one, but im not into shred or anything so thats ok, when i solo its generally bluesy. so anyway, will the thicker neck be alot different from my strat neck and more difficult to get around on?
Its a noticeably thicker, try playing a Les Paul with a 50s neck, its huge

I'd go for the slimmer one
The Agile standard necks are a little thinner than the Epi necks. The slimmer neck will be even thinner.

I think the slimmer neck, and the strat neck will be similar.
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I may end up with a slim neck Agile, i just dont like the nubby horn too much, but its looking like for all mahogany, set neck, slim neck, short scale, LP shape and cheap theres not too much around
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It seems the AL3000 with slim taper neck has an ebony fretboard, something I dont want. Had one on a 93 Les Paul Studio and it gave it a more midrange/loud sound than the warmer sounding traditional rosewood neck standards.
yeah man im planning on gettin the 2800 thin neck. It seems like it should be notiably shorter.
^what does the thickness of the neck have to do with its scale? thats right.. nothing

they agiles necks are thinner when compared to most les pauls an ive heard great things bout there slimmer ones! so yeah sounds like something worht lookin at