hey i wonder how you use guitar pro since i downloaded it off download.com how do u put on the gp3 format?? Sorry i dont know in which section of the forum to post this thread on....
sorry, i mean i downloaded a song that says u can only use it with guitar pro. and when it says u can download this song it says u want to download *song name*.gp3 and for some reason the software does not want to accept gp3 how do i make it accept that file?
omg thats the same problem i got.

i have got the full version of guitar pro 4. But it will not play gp3. files. The icon on the gp3. files is the unknown icon. You know, when windows doesn't recognize it. Any way when I go to open these files it says "To open this file please update your Guitar pro software" But its Guitar pro 4 opening guitar pro 3 files!!! There's also other little glitches. And sometimes it wont even play gp4 files..

ps. There are one or two gp3 files it will play and it plays MOST gp4 files. So wtf. I'm probably gonna get no support from this. Please no comments saying "Contact guitar pro.com" cos ...