I am glad to see some of you guys exploiting the You Tube site with your uploads.

This is an internet collaboration. I sent an internet buddy who is a gigging drummer a guitar and bass track of what I did. He then did live drum tracks and sent it back. I was hoping he would have time for vocals but he didn't so I had to do those. I then redid the bass and deleted the originally guitar track. For this video I have the drum, bass and vocals playing through a stereo and I add the guitar track live as the video is rolling. The guitar is basically all improv except for the C-G-D-A-E progression. It makes it more interesting that way for me anyway.

I added some video effects also to try to keep it lively.

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Pretty good. Nice tone and playing but the vocals could be better.

Keep it up
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Awesome dude! Just awesome! The vocals could have been a little better, but other than that, AWESOME!
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Really good guitar. I really like the tone and how it fits into the song. The solo is really nice too.

Crit mine? TNX

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