hello, im currently learning the solo from Conquer all by Behemoth (decent song, awesome solo), and i got stuck on a section where i dont know how to position my fingers to get good speed.


right now i go, M I M I M I M

M = middle finger
I = index finger

Would you guys use your middle and index fingers like that? or is there another way which would be faster? Should i plant my index finger so it stays in postion on the 14? any help would be appreciated
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you use middle on 15's and index on 14 and you DO NOT PLANT YOF FINGERS WHEN SWEEP PICKING. you sweep and as soon as you have hit the note take your finger off the fret

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PS: have you d/l the video on how to sweep pick? try it out. it helps.
thanx for the reply. Yeh i guess i just have to practice it heaps to get the speed. I was looking for a way to cheat so i dont have to move my fingers so fast, but i guess not.

ive seen the vid
yeah, just make sure not to plant as stated. I'd probably do that with my third finger and middle finger personally, because it just works for me
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itll feel awkward at first, cuz your not sweeping in the order of your fingers from 1-3 or 3-1, but theres lots of sweep picking like that so its best to get used to it
wtf ^ ? that's unnecassary. scrunches fingers way too much..
I'm not racist.

I hate everyone the same.