don't know if you'll be able to do it off description or not. however, my buddy has a guitar that is called a 'granada'. it's a semi-hollow body guitar. it has 2 pickups, 2 volume controls, 2 tone controls, 2 diamond shaped cut outs, and a neck with six in line machine heads. it was purchased around 1966. made in japan.
i'll post more when i actually see it.
"GIBSON TRINI LOPEZ COPY - JAPAN - made in Japan in the early 70's under the brand name Granada - this is a good quality copy of Gibson's Trini Lopez guitar. Hollowbody with a Bigsby stlye tremelo system - I "believe" these were made in the Matsumoko factory. Nonetheless - it is one of the highly sought after Japanese made copies. It's well built - and in remarkable shape. Check out the great sunburst finish on the body, neck and headstock !! It's well set up with nice low action. One of the pots is a little scratchy and will need to be cleaned soon. Appears to be all original. A great addition to the vintage collection. SOLD-Thanks JOEY"

yeah, so it turns out it is a match to the Granada Trini Lopez copy.
Anyone have an idea of what these are worth and/or any background information on them.