so i was watching this video of dimebag playing when he was 18 years old. he is hands down one of the best guitarists on the planet. anyways, it inspired me to do a little shredding of my own. when i first started playing, this is all i wanted to do: record the craziest solo i could and show all my freinds, just to show off, haha. eventually i learned speed isnt all that matters, and rythm guitar was just as, and probably more, important than a bunch of sweep picking.
that said.... 2 years and a few months later i did another one. its just a bunch of shredding, so if you're looking for proper song structure or some acoustic finger picking, look else where. this is just balls out shred, inspired by the late great dimebag darrel. R.I.P!!!!

http://j0nnybrav0.dmusic.com its called "shredding"
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
nice job mate, listen to a few of youre covers , your a great geetar player
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Pretty sweet. a crazy coincidence though, 45-48 seconds through reminds me exactly of 1:37-1:40 of "hangar 18" by megadeth.
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Nah, but still, it wasnt very interesting, and you definantly need a lot more theory work. Divebombs dont make up for pentatonic scales, nor does delay and big harmonics.

Your sweeping was okay, but got really sloppy in parts, was this improv? cause a lot of it sounded lik you had no clue where you were going, it was okay, dunno how long youve been playing, but your chops are coming along, if you keep practicing, but this is just kinda eh.

crit for crit?
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i dont beleive i used any pentatonic scales actually... whats wrong with them anyways? zakk wylde lives on pentatonics, and u cant tell me he cant play.

but yes, it was a one time run through, just recording whatever. ive been playing a 2 years anda bit, as i had already stated in the first post and on my site where the sound clip is posted.

i have recently improved my sweep picking, and this is the first time i had ever recorded them so well considering i was just making it all up on the spot. but i agree, still sloppy. been trying to learn the beginning to psalm of lydia. thats some awesome sweep picking.

thanks for the listens. happy guitaring
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
I've seen that video too..........sick ****.

ok, I understand that this was just a random shred, and it was mostly improv, but it needs some structure. I know you werent really going for that though. Dimebag's shred, although insane, was very structured.

Sounds sloppy, but it's not like I could do any better. Damn, you have some serious chops developing. I didnt hear any pentatonics either.

Screaming harmonic was sick, the lick started at :45 was my favorite.

Cool stuff, check out my song if you have a chance.
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i warned everyone that there was no structure! its just randomness from boredom.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.