ok so my boss distortion pedal just came in and i love it, it makes my guitar sound cool as hell, except for the loud noises that come from my amp...

now usually...if I just have the guitar sitting there a loud squelching noise builds up and just gets louder and louder...its very annoying...

I noticed if I stand further away with my guitar away from the amp it seems to help sometimes, and other times it doesnt...I went into another room with my guitar hooked up and it still did it.

I have tried different settings and stuff but it usually still does it...its almost like it has to decide if it wants to do it or not...ugh...

Anyways a friend told me that I probably had the distortion knob all the way up, which I didnt, it still does it with it half way, or even 1/4 of the way..maybe its just because i have a cheap ass amp...
it's feedback and it's going to keep doing that because of the distortion
if it happens all the time immediately... then you have the level on the distortion or amp up too high is my guess.

it's just feedback.
well the distortion knob is only 1/4 of the way up or 1/2...theres not much point of me having a distortion pedal if I cant use the distortion, lol, but I can still get a lot of cool sounds with it...

But is it because of my cheap amp? If i get a better amp will it minimize that?
Just get a noise pedal.

Boss makes a nice one. It'll stop all feedback.
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eh, i like feedback, i'd just turn the volume on the guitar down when i'm not playing, or yeah you can spend even more $$$ and get a noise gate. technically yes standing farther away will make it harder to feed back but b/c of acoustic properties depending on where you stand it will still feed back...... play w/ it though, feedback comes in different pitches bands like sonic youth and nirvana used this "noise" to their musical advantage hell i WISH my amp would feed back as easy as yers does
haha if you say so :P

thanks all ive messed with it and i think im a bit more comfortable with it now
yeah mine does that when I have tone or distortion like 3/4 up. thats when its standard tuning.
when i put it in drop d i can put em on 4/4 and get no feed back.
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Feedback is awesome

stfu :]

Turn down the volume on your guitar, and the gain on your amp.