im thinking of buying EMG set, and i want a 81/89 combo, but i have a les paul, so from what i understand, the shafts are too short to fit on a les paul.

if i were to buy the 2 pups seperatly, would i get long shafts or just normal? is there anywhere i could get the long shaft versions?

finally, how different does the 85 and the 89 sound
I don't think they come with them when you buy them seperate, I think they only include the short shaft version. You can buy the long shaft pots seperate at the dealers they have listed. I've bought a lot of parts from this place. http://timsguitar.com/store/index.php#ELECTRIC%20GUITAR%20PICKUPS--EMG

The 89 and 85 sound very similiar in humbucking mode, but in coil tap the 89 is really an actual SA single coil. I prefer the 89 personally, I have 2 guitars with the 89 in the neck, and it makes it more versatile with the SA. It's a much nicer clean.
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