My squire doesnt sound too bad, it has the same woods as regular fenders strats(Alder) and i think it has really good highs and a decent tone. And alos when i played a gibson SG, it had HORRIBLE action. I had to press so hard to get a power chord, and when i play my squier, it has fast action compared to that guitar, so why are they so bad?
you have an alder strat
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Well Squier spend alot of time trying to convinse you they are Fenders. If they spent more time making guitars, they would be better.
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I think Squire gets a bad rap because of the quality control. Some squires should be blown up, other play fine. I got lucky with a Squire Jagmaster, it's a great playing guitar. But lots of Squires have bad wood, bad hardware, and bad assembly.
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Well, the squiers i've played have all had some combination of these problems: Terrible wood, terrible neck (high action, etc), terrible pickups, faulty wiring, and a bad bridge.
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my squire strat wasnt too bad at all (Well thats what I thought before I got my fender amercan stratocaster!)

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yeah mine just needs new pickups or somehting because they go EEEEEEEERRRRRRRKKKK wheni put on the gain
Because Squiers are extremely cheep, both in regards to parts/materials and assembly. There pretty much isn't any debate lol.
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You have an alder squier ? My old squier was 'laminated hardwood'. When the paint was shaved off it looked like some kind of layered wood (almost like plywood) with a veneer on either side.

The frets wear out very quickly and the parts cheap. The pickups are not shielded, the tuners are cheapest things I've ever seen. The pots and pickup switch is cheap. The bridge is cheap. They're not bad guitars for the price and I played one for 7 years through my teens because it was all I could afford. But they are very cheap guitars.
Out of the box they suck. If you put some time into fixing them up, they are decent. I debated selling mine to save for a new guitar, but I realized I wasn't going to get much for it and I would be better off fixing it to make it playable. So I'm in the process of doing that now. I swapped the crappy stock single coil on the bridge with a Duncan JB. I blocked the tremolo. The neck's action was high, so I took it off and put a very thin piece of cardboard under it on the part right next the the body. That leveled it off. Before, the higher frets weren't even playable because the action was too high, and the lower frets were where they were supposed to be. I'm going to strip the paint and sand the top part of the body down. The Squiers have a thicker body and that cut out on the back of the guitar doesn't go as far in as on a Standard Strat. That makes it a lot less playable to me, so I'm going to thin the body out. I'm also going to change the 5 way switch and put a better one in. The stock one is crap. I might rewire the pickups as well. It seems like a lot of work, but the guitar will sound a ton better if you upgrade it and fix some of the stuff.
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fender forced squier to stop producing the "protone" series because the guitars were so good that they cut into the sales of their american standards.

if you can find one, BUY IT.
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i hate the finish on the neck. its kinda sticky so u cant play as fast as u could on a jackson or ibanez
Because most of them are beginner guitars, and aren't exactly (high) quality guitars, apparently the Jap Squires are alright.
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I have an old MIJ Squier Strat, solid Alder, maple/maple neck and it's awesome. The PU cavities were individually routed for SSS and before I shielded them with copper foil, I noticed that the routing was way smoother than my bandmate's MIA Fender DeLuxe Strat ... the MIA's route didn't have the wood ripped out but it wasn't as smooth.

Like their MIJ Fender Strat counterparts, the soldering was super clean. Mine's been upgraded to Red Lace Sensors, super quiet even if you stood in front of the amp. The growl approaches Burstbucker territory.

The Squiers getting the bad rep are probably those with the Agathis or plywood bodies. Although my MIJ Squier was built before I was even sperm, I can see it being useful for the next 50 years or so.
^Well old shcool MIJ Squiers are great. I havent tried one. But i have and many of you have tried MIJ Fenders. They are the same. Modern day MIJ Fenders are made by and at teh same place as vintage Squiers.
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yea...the reason ppl give them such a bad rap is because there is absolutely no quality control with squiers...even with lower end "real" strats for that matter

anyway...this means you either get a hit or miss guitar...sometimes you luck out and get a really well put together one...i did for my first guitar and i still play it everynow and then even though i have a gibson les paul...the sounds different...but not that much worse
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80s and early 90s Squiers (MIJ) were fricken awesome. Basically the same as Fender Japan. I've played alot of American Strats (A LOT) and being bloody honest, those old Squires and the MIJ Fenders are every bit as good.
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