this summer im gettin a job in hopes of improving my guitar arsenal and i really like marshalls, but lack the abilitly to make that much green well i actually have a few other things i want to buy sooo is there any quality amp close to a marshall for less money (a half stack or a 100 or 250 watt)?
Why would you ever need 250 watts? Theres plently of quality tube amp makers that sell for cheaper than marshall. Carvin, Laney, Peavey etc.
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That many watts would be overkill for almost anything. If you like marshall, get a smaller marshall combo tube amp. Tube amps will be much louder than Solid State amps of the same wattage. One really nice versatile amp is the Traynor YVC50Blue. It's 50 all tube watts, which is plenty for damn near anything.
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