Hey i was looking into maybe getting one because i heard they are pretty decent amps. im looking for old school metallica tone like Black album and before and also a good classic rock tone like AC DC i was gonna pair it with a Marshall 9200 or 9400 power amp i was wondering if i would be able to get those tones out of it or not

THX in advance SYN
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Well, you'd definitely be able to get Dave Murray's (Iron Maiden) tone. I'm sure that you'd be able to get some Metallica and AC/DC tones out of it too. Personally, I prefer trying to find my own tone rather than someone elses. But hell, if that's what you're into...

Either way, you should be able to get a good tone out of it.
im not looking for metallicas tone exactly i need something with a good metal tone and at the same time have a good classic rock tone and i know it has two different OD channels one is old school overdrive while one is searing lead so i was just wondering how they sound as my chances of trying them are slim to none
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From reading reviews, they sound great. I haven't tried one, but I read a bunch of reviews before posting here, so I think you should be safe with them. If you search JMP-1 Preamp on google, there's a guitar geek site that you can use as a reference to which big name guitarists ust them. I'm sure that you can get a good metal tone out of it though. They sound great. Oh, and Musicians Friend has soundclips (about 10) if you want to hear them.
IT's a SS sounding pre-amp, but if you pair it with a good power amp, like a Mesa or a VHT, you can get some good metal tones out of it.
Ya i was thinking of a Mesa 2:90 with 6l6s
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