ok so i got a new amp to day its a mrashall jcm 2000 dsl 401 and when i got home and plugged the foot switch in it just went to od2 channel and wont let me switch with the footswicth it works fine with out it plugged in. any idea whats wrong?
If the footswitch has a seperate button for each channel, I'm guessing one of the switches is busted. Return it. Get another.
thanks for the help yeah i took it back but they had to order a new one so i have to wait but o well
I have a TSL head, so I don't know if it's the same, but sometime I forget to make sure I have the clean/od and od1/od2 buttons pushed in. If i lean a guitar against the amp sometimes it will pop it out. I don't think the DSL has this though since it's only a 2 channel amp. If that isn't your problem, then it's probably the footswitch. They have a LOT of problems with the footswitch. My FX switch wouldn't work before until I stomped on it hard. Now it works ok, but there have been many problems with the footswitch messing up.
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