I was just looking around on Musicians Friend, and discovered some amazing looking guitars pretty reasonably priced, made by Michael Kelly, and because noone had did any reviews, I was wondering if anyone here could recommend michael kelly or warn against them
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from what ive heard theyre nice although ive never played one
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i heard they suck but I never have played one
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I almost bought this one: http://www.michaelkellyguitars.com/archtops/hourglasst/
It felt very close to my Hamer but had a trem but no lock tuners for $399, needed new pups too, all mahogany, short scale with good access.

The Valor series sounded better with custom wound pups mounted directly to body pinch harmonics really good BUT look closely at the neck joint and how far its into the body?!*? Why? I found it phsically impossible to play a pentatonic box pattern on the 19th to 22nd frets, unless I played acoustic style with my hand over the lower horn, and its a 22 fret guitar. would be a good axe for a rythm guitarist I guess.

Also the medium fret wire felt good to my fingertips, jumbos can ache after a while and theres not much I cant play on medium that i can do on jumbos, vibrato wise.
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Ive played this one before. It had a neck similar to a Gibson/PRS, which is why I didnt buy it. Other than that, it had a pretty nice tone, coil tap feature for the humbuckers, and the inlays were kickass. It was $400, and now Im kind of mad I didnt look further into it, because the neck could have been sanded down or whatever.