Honestly I really like it, well at least the Maggot brain album. My question is why is maggot brain (the song itself) is kinda underrated compared to songs like EVH's Eruption. I mean I have nothing against EVH it's just that it's not really my thing. other songs I like are hit it and quit it, dr.funkenstein, and super stupid. what do you guys think?
a very underrated group. a prime influence on the chili peppers too.
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I saw Gov't Mule on tuesday and they played with Bernie Worell, the keyboard/organ player for P/F. It was amazing.
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I really like them. Edie Hazel's solo on Maggot Brain is great. Sounds so much like Hendrix. Also Bootsy Collins, the bands bass player, is one of the best of all time.
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Really getting into them at the moment...only heard about 5 songs, but they're all pretty sweet. I need more Funk stuff.
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They aren't really underrated or anything, they're huge. Who hasn't heard of George Clinton? Though yes, it is wicked funk. If you get really into it, go find some Sly and the Family Stone, really influential in funk and damn good.
wow. this is an old thread. for a fantastic band! pfunk is awesome. i really like one nation under a groove. and george clinton's solo stuff is good too.

i highly suggest "the clones of dr. funkenstein." its a great album. by parliament this time.
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I saw George Clinton at Bluesfest, and he was interesting to say the least.
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I love the album One Nation Under a Groove. The bass solo on Grooveallegiance is out of this world.
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i saw george clinton + the pfunk allstars last year
that was quite a strange show
not bad by any means, just different
especially for a college atmosphere
Currently listening to "Mothership Connection" (Parliament). Crazy funky.
An amazing band. If it wasn't for Clinton and crew, funk wouldn't have ever existed.
Eddie Hazel is an awesome guitarist, and yes Maggot Brain is amazing (it was Eddie Hazel on lead on Maggot Brain wasn't it?) my friend got me into the likes of Funkadelic, Parliament and Sly and the Family Stone.
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I've listened to Maggot Brain (the song, not album) more times than I can count, but I don't know the rest of their stuff. I meant to get a few of their albums... Never got around to it.
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