one of my first fully finished songs.

first of all the druming isnt great, as its a drum machine, which sucks

secondly the tone isnt brill, trying to play power metal through a telecaster.

oh and the solos sucks lol, iam crap with solos.

but anyway, let us know what u guys think

War Cry
You say Tomato, i say f**k you
Bravo, i rather loved it. You'll be writing better solos soon enough... And learn your music theory! It'll help tones.

P.S. Red XIII <3
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iam getting a Ibanez s470dx then adding emg 81 and 85 pickups in a week or so then, much metal fun shall be had, with great tone.

hells yeah Red XIII rules
You say Tomato, i say f**k you
hey man i like this a lot, it's very melodic and driven....a few problems i notice are some fluctuations in the volume for some reason...the solo's arent amazing but they fit in well and you'll definitely be writing good stuff in no time (not that this solo was bad by any means, i thought it was good too, a few tone problems but you mentioned that)...the drum beat wasnt obnoxious or anything like that i thought it went very well and wasnt just the same loop over and over or anything
great tune!

crit me?

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cheers guys, for the coments, mucho apreciated.

the sound problems stems from the program i am using to record.
You say Tomato, i say f**k you