seriously, system of a down, one of the biggest bands today

why does everyone think that their new stuff is bad??

they say its boring....but never say whats boring about it....

everyones stuck in the past with their old stuff and wont open their ears to hear the enw stuff, their a progressive band, influences change, music changes....
I'm not keen on the new stuff because of the vocals, not enough Serj and too much Daron.
System ****ing rocks...i have all there cd's...and it's not about things changing...it's just like every other band out there...some songs are better on the cd's and some songs aren't...
because they suck ass

it has nothing to do with being stuck in the past..... bad music is bad music no matter what era you enjoy music from....
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I don't like S.O.A.D. (in general and from the start) because they (just like countless other metal bands) use the guitar too much as a rhythm instrument. Now before you freak out, hear me on this... too many metal bands "limit" themselves by just hammering on power chords low on the fretboard, and expect that to carry a song. Four minutes of "jugga-jugga-jugga-jugga-JUGGA" isn't going to do it for more than two tracks on an album. They think too much "raucous rhythm" and not enough "lead melody".
Kaolin (above) illustrates another of my dislikes about S.O.A.D. - their fans are by-and-large idiots who can't use the correct form of the word "their/there/they're" in a sentence. Third grade, people... third grade.
First off, I think bashing fans is crap. A person likes what they like. Have your opinion, but allow others to have theirs. Next, I personally don;t like a lot of SOAD. I like 3 or 4 songs symply because they sound really good. But I cannot stand political songs. I cannont stand people who try to appeal to the lower class when they are the upper class. It just seems fake to me. But that's just me.
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I don't like S.O.A.D. (in general and from the start) because they (just like countless other metal bands) use the guitar too much as a rhythm instrument. Now before you freak out, hear me on this... too many metal bands "limit" themselves by just hammering on power chords low on the fretboard, and expect that to carry a song. Four minutes of "jugga-jugga-jugga-jugga-JUGGA" isn't going to do it for more than two tracks on an album. They think too much "raucous rhythm" and not enough "lead melody".

Agreed. Todays music industry is losing it, people with a year experience can make it big, it sickens me. At least S.o.a.D. can actually play guitar unlike *cough* Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco *cough*
the reason nobody really likes them in the real music world, is because all daron is good at is playing drop-d powerchords fast

also what the rest of them said, theyre idiots

god i dont even wanna start about my friends that love system...
it's like theyre stoned out of their mind, naturally...
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I hate all of it. Everything about them. My girlfriend really likes them (I haven't made her listen to real music yet - I'm sorry. I'm trying.) and that drives me crazy.

Them going on hiatus (Wow. I hate that word.) is the best news of this week. Hopefully they'll break up, and will never release anything solo. Ever.
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What's wrong with them? Why such stupid questions!? I can't stand any part of Syndrome of a Down, but if I ranted on for 3 paragraphs about why I hate them will that really change what you think about them? NO! It's like you're asking us to point out their flaws so you can leap out into their defense and (wow it's like I can practically see the future) inevitably start a stupid argument. I can think of one real big thing that's wrong with them though... They're Nu-Metal, which means they don't belong in here. There's an only SOAD thread in the Nu-Metal forum where you can talk about them to your hearts content.

... and for future referrence, it's pretty stupid to make a thread asking why everyone hates a band. It's pointless and nothing productive can come from it.
Great band. Unbelievable live and totally original. Can't ask for much more than that really.
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soad are an awesome band if u dont like them then go die in a hole
**** off , they suck balls
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Wow, some people are struggling to see the difference between opinion and fact. SOAD sucking is your opinion, not a fact. If it was a fact, then no one would like them. Duuuuh.

SOAD used to be good, but Darons taking over and I don't like it. Post Steal This Album! isn't very good IMO.
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I just don't like them. However, I don't care what anyone likes, because you cannot discuss taste in music. THAT however, is a fact. But it is indeed funny to watch the shit get flamed out of people because they like a band that's hated by most UGers. Keep 'em coming boys!
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I liked them but I listened them out when when I was 14. The new albums are good but overall I think I've moved on from the band...

End of discussion.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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the new songs are alrite, like question, which is a good song, and aongs like Hypnotize would be alrite if the guitarist dint sing...

and BYOB....that riff is incredible...but i hate the song because of the singing...hes a gd singer...and i love pretty much all the other stuff, but the singing of the guitarist and the screaming ruins it imo
Seriously, I think disliking SOAD is a trend a lot of people jump to in order to "look like they know what they are talking about."

Personally, I like the sound of SOAD, it's interesting, funny, and they have a decent message in their songs. The speed of their songs are really cool, and Serj has a good voice. I only like Daron's voice when he and Serj mix it. Really, the only songs on Mesmorize and Hypnotize where Daron's voice is present is in the songs "Lonely Day" and "Lost In Hollywood".
What's wrong with System Of A Down?


It's all a matter of opinion just like every other band out there. Some people like them, some people don't, I guess we just have to except that.

Personally I like System Of A Down and I like the new albums...However, I like it better with more Serj than Daron. Though, having Daron in control doesn't bug me much. It's still SOAD and the music is still good.


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All the songs I have heard are just that guy speakingreallyfastwithoutanyformofpunctuationoranythingandmakingnopointthatisunderstandable.
I don't like SOAD because:

- The vocals are annoying
- All their songs have that... SOAD sound... and I can't take it seriously
- It seems like they're trying too hard to be metal, and failing.
- All their fans seem to think they're the most hxc band on the planet
- Their songs don't really impress me at all. I don't even find them catchy, and they tend to bore me after one listen
I think SOAD is pretty cool, but I'm just going off of Mezmerize.
I don't think all the songs are the best, but they have a couple of keepers in there.
You may notice my sig ... the best song on that album. (Radio/Video)

And I don't really care who's making the music if it's good music. Hell, if I released my own album, I would be playing all the instruments on it because I'm the only one that knows what I hear in my head. (And also because I couldn't get anyone else to do it for me ... )
What do you mean unbelievable live?

in the two performances ive watched, both of them they were terrible in.

one was like the VMA's or some music vid award thing or something (it had borat after)

they messed up atleat 8 times and serj i think was off key, huge crap.

And dont say theyre good or bad WITHOUT GIVING A REASON WHY.

i think theyre bad because of the afore mentioned suckage of their live acts, and the fact that its not System of a Down, its System of a Daron. its all hiim, and i hate the guy, because he's not as talented as people say, he looks to be drugged 24/7, and in interviews he seems reallllyyyy nerdy/wierd.

oh and becuz their bassist dosnt write anything and ONLY uses a pic (i say atleast TRY using fingers) and follows the guitar line most of the time.
Define everyone...

I personally think it's their best work to date. I love the old stuff as well though.
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