Well, Im in this band with my brother, and thats it. Its a two piece band, me on guitar, and him on drums. I sing somewhat, but mostly its instrumental (which is the first problem). We dont have a certain style, but we play what we like, and for him thats classic rock, and for myself its slightly emo. We've been playing as this band for two months now, but we've played together since last year, just jamming and stuff.

We recently started playing together in this band in hopes of playing small kick backs and stuff for our friends and stuff, cause they're always chilling at our house on the weekends, but Ive expressed my hopes of expanding to playing shows with my friends bands (we dont have the same style, but we've always agreed to play with each other for shows and stuff), and he's seeming standoffish, probably because he's still feeling a bit green on the drums.

My first problem I have is that I want us to have lyrics, and I write lyrics, good, thoughtful lyrics, and he wont even read them and deems them "too emotional" for our band. Should I tell him to write lyrics if he has such a problem with the ones I write or should I attempt to tailor my creative side to help please him (which I have done somewhat, but I can do more so if needed)?

And my second problem/question is that is there anyway in which I can show him that he is in fact talented on the drums and doesnt have to see himself as green? Ive had him play in front of my drumming friends, and they all commend him for his quick work in playing, since its only been 2 years come this August, but he still feels like he isnt good enough. Ive told him that he is and that pretty soon Im going to force him to play, because otherwise he'll never grow out of that mind set, but I think this could have adverse effects on the kid.

And my last problem is that since we've been in the band for 2 months now, is there like a good number of songs in which we should have written and down already? I think we're doing fine, but Im just curious on how much we should have (We have 4-5 songs in which we can play currently).

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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Originals don't matter until you want to get into writing your own stuff - remember that being in a band is a compromise. If he's a good drummer then get him some stuff for his kit to play with ( concrete blocks, cowbells ). Maybe the reason he deemed your lyrics too emotional is that he wants to have fun in this band and that the lyrics kinda dampen that. Write lyrics together if that's a problem.

There isn't a huge problem with knowing where your limits are - unless your brother is very down-hearted about his drumming abilities. In that case the screaming fans at a gig might make him think more of his abilities.
Im going to invert the question sequence and answer the last question first(?)

I had this issue with my drummer he'd been playing for 7 years but he didnt wanna play gigs he didnt think he was good enough i think thats because he's super lazy so he never had the motivation to learn fills etc beat for beat so he just made up his own stuff majority of the time..and it still sounds cool..anyway point is theres a way around your drummers attitude..maybe he's nervous?maybe hes got a deep rooted mental issue?

Film him drumming or something and play it back to him so he can see himself drumming maybe that will be an inspiration? Apart from that maybe hes got self esteem issues.

The other question about changing your lyrics is almost rhetorical. Never change your lyrics if they mean something to you..i know that sounds real real cheesy but you cant sing a song unless you understand what its about..whatever it is the composer is trying to portray to you.
As for being too emotional..if too emotional means too EMO-tional then maybe altering your lyrics so that they're saying the same thing but talk in extened metaphor or something.

Ill use an example from a Smiths song call 'I know its over'

Theres a line that Morrisey repeats over and over " Oh mother/I can feel/The soil falling over my head "

Morrisey is using a metaphor to express the fact that love is burying him alive, but hes still saying the same thing in almost a deeper way. So if your friend /band member says your lyrics are too emotional then keep the message but change the way your saying it, if at all possible?

Anyway sorry about the ramble..I hope this helps a tiny bit, writing music together is THE most important task a band can fulfill (IMHO) and constructive critisicm is necessary, not completely ignoring other members material, like your friend seems to have a knack for.


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