im looking for a new distortion pedal and i need advice...if anybody has a good pedal and wants to recommend one then please leave a comment...im prefering a distorion or metal kind of pedal..so plz keep that in mind..thx

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. It's an awesome pedal, it gives a wide range of distortions. It has that metal crunchy tone and it's really sweet. The drawbacks are that it is fairly expensive, and that it tends to feed back a lot when your volume is high.
The metal zone also sounds a little thin, but most other metal pedals are the same. You can get one off of ebay for like 50-70 bucks. Thats where I got mine.
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if you don't get the meta; zone get a digitech metal master i have one and it's good man, just sit around and mess with it and you can sound like almost anything. it has a morph knob on it that has alot of differend distortions made into it. bad thing is is the price and lack of gain control but that's not a big deal.
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I like the distortion Line 6 has to offer, so I suggest the UberMetal by Line 6.

From what I've heard, the Metal Zone has like.. no low end. The last time I tried one, I didn't even know what treble was, so I had no idea what to listen for. I just heard sweet distortion.
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I notice line 6 put out a pedal casting in which has interchangable part that change the effect of the pedal
Here is the pedal

Here is the part you put in, they sell other one line the echo park, space chorus and others.
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