I'm going to start to teach my little brother who is 8 and a half. Where should I start with him. I taught him mary had a little lamb but where should i go from here?
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Dance of Eternity-Dream Theater...

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Smoke on the Water. Simple. I taught my 9 year old cousin that and after a little while she could play it, just try very simple songs like that. The Itsy Bitsy Spider might be good too?

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notes, and try some chords, string letters, frets, you know, beginner stuff. If he's only 8, be easy on him, he probably won't catch on as fast as you. teach him some easy stuff that he'd know, like mary had a little lamb (like you said, a good choice) DON'T FORGET tell him to practice practice practice if he wants to go anywhere with it, and tell him that he will get discouraged, but he needs to keep at it, but then again he's 8, so im not sure that would apply. just some suggestions.

good luck!
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Teach him some basic chords. I started playing at 10 so i kinda know how it is, teach him smoke on the water because kids that age love to learn songs. After that teach him power chords.

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