i just ordered my guitar from like louisiana off ebay...and like when i take it to get set up, what exactly do they do? can i do it myself?
New strings.

Bridge adjustments (if needed)

Truss adj. (if needed)

Fix intonation.

If you didn't know what they are going to do, chances are you should just take it into a tech.

Make sure you trust the tech...there are some bad ones out there.
yeah, its like a maintanence check. They'll make sure everythings in good working order and fix anything that needs to be fixed for example the action, intonation, they'll polish the guitar, clean neck and put new strings on and you'll be set.
The person who's sets up guitar at shops are humans rite? ur human too? there's nothing that he can do you cant do. The question is, that if you're willing and able to do it and if you have the balls to do it or not. Its just simple tweaking process that you can do urself and if they do it they'll charge plenty. Real ripoff IMO.

Sometimes they arent professional at all, they just know what they're doing in order to finish their job unlike pros who asks u 1st about everything. That differenciates from pros and normal shop guy, they will ask what do you play, how would you like ur action to be, what tunings do u usually play and so on.
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I agree-make sure you trust the guy.

Avoid those money-grabbing snake's in the grass!


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