is there anybody who are trying to make bass only songs?if so, post your troubles here.

for example, i'm having trouble currently, i'm making a solo song and only have the intro, outro, and a bit after the intro.

   x2            x2
A----14--|same pattern as above, only slide the last note an octave deeper.

also, titles would be hard to come up with.

well, now your thoughts...
just on that 12 second section?
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but seriosly


IMPROVISE. i know a lot of people who try to write things and start with arpeggio's/chords up high and got some ok progression goin and then just totally dont know wat to do.

save that for some other song and just improvise, too many times have i seen someone in your position continue doing those arpeggio's, then get mad because they cant think of th rest of the song, and give up completely.
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^ good job metaluptheass, no self advertisement there


but seriosly

You just gotta be sneaky like I am.

well what works for me is always the simpler things you wouldnt expect. complicated intro followed by a verse with the same general idea, into the chorus with something as simple as 8 F's and 8 C's in eigths.

think simple, then after you hav ur song laid out start to finish you can embellish things.
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create an interesting chord progression then improvise. eventually you can record the chord progression on bass then add in ur solo stuff.
thanks for the help.

and for chord progressions, they seem to not sound the best
and for F and C 8th notes, i don't think that would be v ery melodic

anyways, thanks for the help
Try some blues progression, work with the circle of fifths, find a good cadence. Just improv over that. What are you having trouble with? dont be scared of repetition, all music has and to some degree needs it..

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I find learning some pieces by other solo bassists helps give you a feel for solo bass playing. The main thing is experimentation. Try and create a chord progression that sounds good and find a melody for it and just build it up. It is hard to explain because it really is something you pick up over time.

I have some stuff on here if you fancy a quick listen: http://www.myspace.com/shwbass
how about this for a riff?


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I do on occasion, my bass teacher being my inspiration. He plays alot of gigs around locally, just him and his bass. Pretty sweet stuff. Check him out. www.shadrak.ca (check out his myspace as well)

Its kinda tough sometimes, mainly because I only have a 4 string. It would be easier if I had a 5 or 6 strings (like my teacher)
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My Fender Jazz Bass > Ibanez PD7 > Boss DD3 > Gallien-Krueger mic'd by an Audio-Technica microphone.

when i play alone not playing specific songs, i improvise. usually its a load of trollocks, but sometimes you get some gems that sound amazing

i can never replicate it when recording though
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The PD-7 is an amazing tool.

It r00lz dude.

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Check out Jean Baudin's MySpace-it has some of his solo stuff on it.

Try harmonizing if you want to do solo stuff on bass-don't just do one note at a time.
thanks for the help again, everyone.

i don't know how to do harmonics, though, and i'm using a 4string bass, so my range of notes are limited.

and i'll try to record some stuff later if i can find a good hosting site.
if your looking for some ideas check out this guys stuff...its pretty damn good

ill try and post some of my solo stuff, well just bass and me singing. it tends to be a spontaneous thing for me, like when something sad or really good happens, i tend to think of a riff or lyrics and then just play whatevers on my mind.
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i have recorded my first improv of this thing, accidentally copied over, then recorded second improv, now i need a nice place to set it up, any good, free sites?

also, other people can post tyroubles they have with this subject.
thanks, i've got an account now, but it's not working...

i might do myspace if all else fails.
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