heyy.. so i joined this band in december and hardly got anything done.. then me the other guitarists and the bassist ditched them and it was the three of us.. then we got rid of the bassist.. so just two guitars.. then we got the bassist back cause hes my good friend and we want to get rid of the guitarist.. he's too much of a showoff but he cant play good!.. so you know.. hell play master of puppets un-muted or something.. hes just generally a bad guitarist.. hes like i love metallicaaa yeaaaa when starts playing hawthorne heights you know?.. and if i start to play something wrong he goes HA! you messed up.. then he plays it worse and thinks hes high and mighty.. but this isnt a me complaining thread.. the thing is.. hes created like 2 or 3 good riffs that have potential and can be real good songs.. once he taught me them i got way better at them and worked on them more.. he didnt. so would i have to pay him or something for those riffs hes made up with us? .. i dont know if thats clear but yea.. thx
If thats the problem, then no you wouldnt have to pay him. If they're even slightly different then you're good. Even if they were identical there's no way to prove that you didnt create them.
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