I can't find any luthiers in my area that build custom electrics, does anybody know some good luthiers that can give me a quote on a custom guitar?
Lots of people around here can give you a quote, normally I'd jump at the chance, but my shop is filling up (sry guys, that's why I haven't been around in a while). I'd suggest posting the specs you're looking for, then a couple of people will ask you to PM them with details, they'll give you a quote and you'll pick the best one and get an amazing guitar. Wow, long story short: I'd recommend posting some specs so we have an idea of what you're looking for.
ok, thanks.

The design is a fernandes ravelle body

with a monterey headstock

carved flamed maple top(or regular maple with a veneer) with gray black stain

body wood-mahogany
neck wood-mahogany
fingerboard - rosewood

pickups - dimarzio paf pro neck, dimarzio fred bridge

2 volume, 1 tone. 3 way toggle. preferable in the style of the esp's

all black hardware.

earvana compensated nut.
good tuners, maybe locking

regular les paul scale

if there are any more specifics that I should list let me know.
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You'll need a pick-up selector switch. And since this is going to be custom built for you, you can have any wiring you want.

The inlays need to be specified, and so does the number of frets. Size of the fretwire, what type of neck joint, the type of strap pins. The list goes on.
I forgot to put the pickup selector switch in the picture.

neck joint - set, neck-thru

22 medium jumbo frets

strap locks, with the pins in the same location as the ravelle.

whether or not I want inlays depends on how good they'll be done, I want to avoid gaps with filler. but I'd like to have the esp flag inlays
Uhm, it would be helpful to tell us your location and price range before we can suggest anything. You're going to have to be more in depth.
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oh ok,

location: albuquerque nm, US
price range: ? < $1600
less than 1600, which is double the price of a ravelle.
Not sure if that's too low, which is why I wanted a quote.