I've been listening to Stadium Arcadium all day via VH-1's "Hear Music First" Player and I have to say that this, in my eyes anyway, is one of the best albums in the history of rock 'n roll. I haven't yet decided if it's better or even comparable to BSSM. But, Stadium Arcadium is an awesome album with 4 musicians who are in love with making new music together.

The musicianship is better than previous albums for sure. Anthony has really great control over his voice on this album, seems to me that he's relaxed a lot. John is playin' guitar solos again too, he owns on this album. Chad is also stepping out a little more again, getting a bit more elaborate with his fills and overall playing. Flea has found the perfect balance between his slap-funk roots and his new found simplified melodic venture.

Check it out on www.vh1.com
I cant be arsed with the hassle of listening to it online

i'll wait till monday!

I've listened to stuff that they've played on local radio (Danni California and some other song I can't remember the name of); it seems like standard RHCP fare. When I was young I thought RHCP was awesome. My first album of theirs was Blood Sugar Sex Magik, had a lot of good tunes. Now I listen to it and it's like "great, more quasi-funk." They're like Pearl Jam in that they have 4 or 5 song types they just keep playing. Kind of bored with their music.
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I will never get bored of the chilli peppers, their stuff has gotten better and different with every album. I guess you could say they've sold out but I'm still amazed by their work. Can't wait to get the album