i just bought a semi-new stratocaster hss w/ s1 switch and i am planning to get a decent amp to go along with it. i would like to play everything from metallica to chuck berry with it.

my price range goes up to a max 600-650 dollars. it wouldn't bother me too much if i had to buy a pedal or two to go along with it to get the variety i want. basically, i want a tube amp, about 15 watts.

that thing is ****in amazin,if you find it used your in luck...

My friend owns one and he brought it to the studio turned it half way up and it was louder then the mesa/marshall/soland amps crancked all the way,plus the sound was still so ****in great.
The only thing is you need a distortion pedal to make it in to a metal sound.

If you get a chance tryin this ****in monster out...