Hunter seen at twilight,
The herald of eternity.
Seek the holy one exiled
Amongst the angels.
Blasphemous at the fall of the axe
You will pay your polluted tax.

Hooded to hide his
Punished, guilty face.
Malevolent valence
Serpents tongue and God?s wrath-filled hand,
Forced to bring us all to our promised land.

Walk with bearer of plagues,
Become his foreigner slave.
Bow to the wrath of God,
Burn in hell, pray.

Mercenary of perdition
Looking for his soul
Fills his body with
The lust of the malicious.

Angel of Death;
The herald of eternity;
Watch him as he burns;
Fear him while he learns.

Convulsing in terror,
Realization; hatred;
Onward he marches,
Harvest sown; empty soul.

See his tears ?
Falling into
His bowl of
Souls, captured.
Bone flute; raven
At his back.
Hear his melodic
Pain ? feel it.
Taste the poison
Flowing from
His heart ?
Gripped tightly.
Smell his howling

The gift of poisonous touch
Is much, much too much.
On his knees before the Lord,
Death?s breath sweetly stored.
Arsenic tears, the last of his line,
Life after Death is over, it all comes with time.
cool Is this supposed to be metal? i read it in a half growl half sung way and it sounded damn good.
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
The italisized is growled/screamed, the rest is sung over picking...so yes, it's sort of opeth type metal.
"Walk with bearer of plagues,
Become his foreigner slave."

I dig this. I'm not really a metal guy but this sounds cool.
This song Is the kick ass! I really enjoyed reading it.
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Everytime someone says something about your song, you dont have to say something back to them. Good song though