Will this go away? Even when I play a chromatic excercise (1-2-3-4) really slow the lower part of my pinky will start to hurt. It is really trying to fight to stay dependant on my ring finger. Is there a problem with this pain or is this natural?
how long do you play till your pinky starts to hurt? did you injure it at all doing something else?
It usually happens if I do an excercise maybe like three times in a row. Not very long. And I have not injured it to my knowledge.
Do you use your pinky very often when playing guitar? If not, this could be normal since your pinky is trying to develope muscles. Just keep doing chromatics to get your pinky stronger.

Good Luck.
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Actually I use my pinky quite a bit. I've been playing for a little less than 1.5 years so I am thinking it may just be a growing pain