Alright, I'm a pretty good bass player for being self-taught, but I have some questions. I'm about to start looking for a band that needs a bassist. Here are some questions that I'd like answered.

1. If I'm lucky enough to get an audition, what should I do to prepare?, that is, other than, "Practice, practice, practice, and, did I mention? PRACTICE!!!"

2. If I wind up gigging, how often should I change my strings? I know that old strings have a WAY different sound compared to new ones. If I get in a band where I basically have to have old strings for the songs that they play, then is there any way to get that old string sound sooner with new strings, but not sacrifice the quality of the strings? If I get in a band that I need the new string sound, how often should I change them?

3. Can anyone recommend a few really good warm-up excercises?

4. If they want me to use their equipment, how can I possibly part with my wonderful, beautiful, perfect bass long enough to play another one on stage? I wouldn't get rid of it, but, I wouldn't take a $5000 bass guitar to play every day instead of my own. I love it. Just like I play the guitars that I like, and somebody could offer me a $10,000 dollar guitar for free, and I'd still play my good old mexi-strat if I didn't like the one that they offered me. And unless I have to use their amp to get the right sound or volume, I'd die before I'd part with my bass amp. It's an older Peavey Minx tube amp, and the sound is to die for. Plus, it'll rattle half the windows on the second floor of our house being played on the first floor, set on 5!!!
I'd be very unhappy if I had to part with either of them, even if it were just to play on stage...
5. If I have to play something like, say, this:


Then, how do I do it? Do I rock my finger to the other string, or use the next finger?
I've seen it done both ways, but I don't know whether they're both acceptable, or if one is a bad musical habit, and the other is acceptable.

6. Can anyone give me advice on setting my equalizer for different sounds? I don't know much in that area. All that I have is a 3-band EQ? Any advice???

And, to the mods... Don't warn me for this, even if you want to... I'm freaked out about this really badly. I'm ready to play in a band, but I don't wanna audition without some input from the general populous. I'm not gonna ask "What song should I play?", or "How should I dress", or "What if they turn me down?", since I'll already know those answers. I have some very practical questions here.
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1) Play infront of friends and family if you don't do that a lot already. Confidence booster. Then play infront of some of your parents friends or something, people you don't know too well. That way you're used to eyes on you while you play. Less likely to clam up and mess up playing

2) That's up to you on how often you want to change them. And my advice for making your strings sound more 'dead' would be to turn down the treble.

3) I play the major scale front and back, moving up one fret each time. Go as far as you can as fast as you can with it still sounding good. That's the one I always make sure to do.

4) Under no circumstance should a band force you to use their equipment. Maybe a different amp to record on if you end up making an EP or something, but using the same bass SHOULDN'T be a problem. If they do try to impose, gently explain you love the tone it's given you all this time and you're not ready to change that just yet.

5) Personally, I would hold one finger over both strings, unless you have something behind it or after it where you would need some kind of reach. All matter of personal style, though.

6) I'm not very proficient in the EQ's, but nu-metal music usually has a 'scooped' EQ (high Bass and Treble, and lower Mids). Obviously, the more bright you want it, higher treble, more boom, more bass, but to actually cut through a band, mids are what does the job.

Good luck to you!
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