Well, I am working on learning the pentatonic. Mainly Minor. Curious how to get the transposing the keys, so for instance if I learn one, I can learn them all, I know there has to be some science or math to it. Because they are all the same 5 boxes correct? Anyone help would be appreciated. Also, when practicing them, should I just keep going up and down the neck, from top to bottom of the 5 shapes or..?
Transposing keys is just changing the key. You've learned the boxes so as long as you know which note is the tonic (the first note) then you just move it to anywhere on the fret board. Pretty simple to transpose on a guitar. The "math" as you say is just keeping the intervals (distance between each note) the same.

As for practicing them, yeah, that sounds good for now. You need to be really comfortable with where the notes are. Once you know them, then work on different patterns.

If you learn the minor pentatonic scale

In the Key of A

To transpose that to a different key, you just shift each note up (or down) the neck the same number of frets


In the Key of A#
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