To all who'll read this, does anybody know of a band/bassist that uses slap bass almost all the time? And, I have a question that alot of you can answer, since I've seen quite a few members that have had it happen, or maybe a mod can answer???
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Funk uses a lot of slap/pop. Look no further than Flea, my friend.
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Les Claypool on certain albums..
Flea on their old stuff. Mothers Milk, Freaky Styley, etc.
Victor Wooten in the Flecktones...I think I havn't listened to a lot of it.
Larry Graham in Sly and the Family Stone
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Slap is used widely in Funk and so forth. In old Red Hot Chili Peppers albums (Self Titled, Uplift Mofo, Mother's Milk and so forth) Flea uses slap quite a bit. In the really early stuff I think he used it if not all most of the album. Get up and Jump and Skinny Sweaty Man and Blackeyed Blonde (all RHCP) have some good slap basslines.


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