Hey guys, im looking to buy an Acoustic Electric, cutaway, and i've been told fenders are usually good. I went to a guitar shop after school today and was looking, and i saw one thats $560AUD. It had a solid spruce top or something, a pickup, and just generally looked nice. i didn't get to have a play of it though, because i was in a rush.

But anyway, are fender acoustics at around this price worth getting? Or should i save up and get something else?

uh, I dunno if I'd do that. I've not heard good things about fender acoustics.
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I've only heard bad about Fender Acoustics, I wouldn't reccomend them.
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560 AUD is about 430 USD.... i wouldn't spend that on a Fender acoustic or acoustic-electric personally. i've played many fender acoustics and haven't ever actually played one that i was really very fond of. i would look at alvarez and takamine in that price range.
mmm i'm gonna have to disagree slightyl here.

I played a £300 fender ($570USD?) and quite liked it. It seemed solid enough. But that's the only Fender I have played, so don't count on my advice. But try it out, it's up to you in the end.

Not sure if they're distributed there...there aren't a whole lot of shops that carry them here in the US. What brands do you see in your local shop?

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Greg Bennet, Cole Clark (way out of my reach, at this point), on rare occasions Ibanez, Takamain (sp?). Theres one shop that isn't so local, but i still go to it sometimes that stocks fenders, ashton, occasionaly ibanez, and some others.
If you can find a Takamine in your price range, you'll get more bang for the buck then you will with an Ibanez or a Fender. And I'm guessing shipping from one of the big online retailers would cost an arm and a leg to half way around the world...but it might be worth looking at.

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you can get takamine guitars from western australia but their all over 800aud except for a beginner
are you planning to get the stratocoustic?cos i dont really think that's a good idea...heard many saying that it's made of plastic,or sumthin like that
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No, definately not a stratacoustic - They look terrible.

I was looking at a normal fullbodied guitar with a cutway and a pickup.
I own a Fender D-G5 acoustic, tis quite nice but, their are probably better outthere for the price.
Eh, all the fender acoustics ive ever played sound terrible. Theyre camp fire styled guitars IMO., where you strum a few C and G chords and thats all theyre good for.
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I was in your position about this time last year. I actually had a Fender acoustic for my first guitar, but as al_ said, they really are for the casual player and I therefore needed to upgrade. I eventually ended up getting a Takamine and it was a great choice for me. At that point i lived in Rockhampton in Central Queensland (in the country, mate!) and I had no problems getting my hands on a takamine... so you should have absolutely no problems in Melbourne.
I would also recommend Tanglewood, selected Ibanez guitars and Maton and Cole Clark. I know they are expensive, but if you feel you will be sticking with guitar and would like to gig one day, the expense of a quality guitar will be worth it.
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I bought a Cole Clark FL2ac 2 weeks ago, it's beautiful, $1700 but, but man it's so nice, very resonant, big bassy sounds when you strum, no fret buzz anywhere, and clear all the way up to the higher frets, beautiful, get one.
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Fender steel strings are so-so, however, I was pretty impressed with their Classicals, especially the Rodriguez models.
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Recently there was a shift in the quality of fender acoustics, but not in that range. The more expensive ones are actually pretty decent now. The lower end are still crap. In the long run you can always do better than a fender acoustic for the price.
Look into Washburns. They make great acoustics. I absolutely love my D10S. My guitar teacher also said that it had the best set up and action that he's ever seen on an acoustic.

They also don't cost a whole lot. I don't know how easily you can get them in Australia, but There are a lot of websites you can order them from.

Also, Fender acoustics are garbage. I've hated all the ones I've tried. As for the Alvarez, they're ok, but not super great. Pretty overpriced. For the price of the lowest solid top alone I was able to get my Washburn with an extremely nice hard case.
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i have a fender acoustic, not electro-acoustic though, got a dg5 i think mines pretty good, but yeah it could be different with an electro-acoustic, duno though
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mmm i'm gonna have to disagree slightyl here.

I played a £300 fender ($570USD?) and quite liked it. It seemed solid enough. But that's the only Fender I have played, so don't count on my advice. But try it out, it's up to you in the end.

there's quite a difference generally in a $430 guitar and a $570 guitar.

Luke2: i don't think suggesting a $1700 guitar is really helping a guy in the position to spend a fourth of that amount.

threadstarter: i'd say your best bet is either a takamine, alvarez, or a washburn. i wouldn't normally reccomend ibanez, but i played one that was $499 last week at guitar center (you could easily talk them down to your price range) and was actually really impressed with it for the price tag... so don't completely count out ibanez or fender either for that matter. each and every guitar sounds a little different. the best thing you can do is play every guitar you can get your hands on that is in your price range. then play some that are a little out of your price range and even a few that are a good bit beyond your spending limit so that you can get an idea of exactly what you are trying to reach in sound quality. then buy the guitar in your price range that sounds the best to you.
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To be honest, I have a Fender D-100 (first acoustic) and I recently bought a Takamine G-series. I went home and played the Takamine for about two weeks and realized that I liked my Fender alot more. After playing the Takimine for a while, I found that the neck was pretty rough...which made it hard to to bends and what not. I know it's an acoustic and you usually don't do alot of bending, but I'm still not into the neck. Also, I think that the Fender has a better overall sound to it. I guess I would say that it's alot more comfortable to play as well.

I'm not try to slam the Takamine. I still think it's a good guitar...but I find myself using it more for back up, or putting it in Eb tuning so I don't have to re-tune constantly. The moral here is to play all the guitars you can find in your price range. When it comes down to it brand usually doesn't mean a whole lot. There are always exceptions.
I have a DG-5 (I think off the top of my head). I would say it's a good guitar for a beginner or just practising. Definately not for gigs. If you're spending that money I would buy something else.
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