Behringer Hellbabe Wah=is it good? but it oso cheap
thinking of buying a wah pedal of dunno any of which?any suggestion?thankzzz
do you gig? will you be performing with this pedal?
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i've heard its not a good pedal. not as effective as other pedals, hisses a bit.
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yeah it does matter becasue behringer pedals are lightly to give out a hum, quite a piercing sound if your playing for a long duration of time. so if your giging the sound can literally be hurtful for not only yourself but for any1 stood in front of the P.A system -so everyone! so if your giging thats a no to behringer pedals although small gigs (meaning less volume) behringer pedals can be ok. but if you play on your own or in a small band -i recommend behringer pedals -they are cheap and good quality for that price -they replicate similar or sometimes the same sound as competition pedals -for like a quater of the price! i personally have the behringer acoustic modeller pedal -which i have yet to be needed on stage with me -but when i am performing a song where i need it, its going up there with me! because competition models are too expensive. and i love it. hope this helps?
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IMO, it sucks. I bought one and was in love with it for about 2 days, but then I noticed that it doesn't turn off when it's in heal down most of the time. Most times, you have to stomp it several times to get the darn thing to turn off. Poor volume boost, poor wah sound. If you're not in a band and want a "starter wah", I guess that would be for you. But I don't recommend it.