I'm going to buy a strap for my acoustic soon. I realised yesterday that it can only go to the top of the fret board instead of behind it or wherever it usually goes on most guitars. Is it possible for me to make something so the strap doesnt have to go all the way to the other end of the guitar or am I stuck?
So thats the second time I got crabs.
i supposed you could attempt to attach a mounting for it to clip on to, but you risk damaging the finish and body of the guitar and maybe the tone if you're going to do any changes to the sound box when you don't know what youre doing too well..

you'd probably be better off finding the right strap for you than attempting to make a major structural change :p
It really doesn't matter. I had a strap peg installed on my guitar...it was like 12 bucks installed, and it causes no damage to the guitar, since it gets installed right at the base of the neck.

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i bought a strap peg for a dollar and installed it myself in my first acoustic guitar and didn't have any trouble with it.... so i've just done that ever since.
For those of you that attached them yourselves, where did you put it. Try to be exact.
So thats the second time I got crabs.
i'll take a picture and post it or send it to you if you can wait a couple days. i'm going out of town as soon as i leave my office today and won't be back until wednesday. i'm bringing one of my guitars with me though so if i think about it i'll grab my buddy's digital camera and snap a picture sometime this weekend and post it.