I was thinking of getting one of their albums. What would you recommend?

^Lean Into It

well i like only two of thier songs which are shine and to be with you , on the other side there is nothing special bout them.
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Bump Head is great.

And I like Mr Big, although I prefer Gilbert's solo stuff and Racer X stuff.
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Love them,hence the avatar. Favourite band at the moment and will probably remain there for quite a while. I love the usuals(Daddy,Brother,Lover,Little Boy, Green Tinted Sixties mind etc.) but a lot of the less renowned such as Big Love,Lucky This Time,A Little Too Loose,Never Say Never also kick massive arse. They rule,to conclude.
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They are one of my favourite bands, if not my favourite. I think they are pretty underrated. But Im not too keen on Richie Kotzen though.

IMO Paul Gilbert >>> Ritchie Kotzen
there are videos of them with kotzen, he picks the tapped part on Green Tinted Sixties Mind
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I have only heard 3 or 4 songs from that and from what I heard I like it!
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i be a thinkin i like racer x more, but mr big are very good still, they have a strange sound, very unique. paul gilbert = god, peace out
They're a one hit wonder. Paul Gilbert more or less carried them, and their song they hit it big with isn't even that great.
Mr. Big kicks ass.
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good band........lousy name

its like a pornstar name or somthin