Hey, got a boss ds-2 turbo distortion pedal last year, never really used cuz i didnt like it at first, i fell in luv with the distortion on my roland cube 30. So those who used the ds-2, i want to know the settings you use for all the different band ( use the clock as a guide to tell me how much to turn the knobs ) and aslo some eq settings to go with them.

Thanks, if the settings help, i could save on buying a new distortion pedal and buy a wah instead.
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I have a ds-2, i mainly use it when im playing muse, never as my main distortion, coz i doesn't have enough crunch, like in stockholm syndrome, its got heaps of distortion on the intro then jumps into some light stuff, so i need 2 pedals, i prefer 2 pedals anyway. So i hope that helps a lil id try turning the distortion to 3oclock
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