Hey there... can u help me identify this electric guitar... this was given to me by my uncle... but comes way back to his grandfather... I dont know what model or even the name of the guitar... only the manufacturer... It's locally built here in the Phils. so I don't know...
That's cool. Looks like something Billy Gibbons would use.

If it's locally built; chances are that no UGers will have seen something like it.
I've though of searching for their shop but luckily... didn't find any... atleast here in our area
looks like an expensive broom to me....
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Thats what she said...
Reminds a bit of the bo diddley model (cant remember who made it)
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Yeah... my bandmates say it's a broom... and it's all stock... and has experienced water on its pickups though...
looks like some was building a Flying-V, but got tired so didnt cut the rest of the body out.
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Reminds a bit of the bo diddley model (cant remember who made it)

Gretsch make a Bo Diddley/Billy Gibbons Signature.

To the threadstarter, how does it play?
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ooops sorry for the late reply.... it kinda sounds like Diamond Head... though I think it's on my amp... and the pickups are almost rusty... 'cause of age... and the water...
oooo i seen that guitar in my musicansfriend magazine, i dont remember the name tho, and i dont have the mag to tell u...
Reminds me of something Danelectro or Eastwood Guitars would put out.