The title pretty much asks it all. I bought a left handed Fender body to build a guitar for my wife. It's an actual Fender body and I think it's a '57 reissue. I bought a 'vintage style' bridge for it from stewmac and the holes don't line up.

I don't want to remove the finish because I bought this particular body specifically for the finish. Think I can fill the holes and drill new ones without hurting the finish or the finish getting in the way ?

I should also add that the body is brand new. There's not a single scratch or ding etc. so you can imagine how I really don't want to touch the finish.
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well i imagine the finish in general wont be affected, just where you drill/fill, because if you dont fill and then finish it the same, it obviously will be of different color than the rest of the guitar.

but i dont think thats a big problem.

thats just 2-6 small circles of different color on your guitar.

i imagine.
Wouldn't drilling new holes, which would probably be too close to the existing ones, even after getting filled and dried, affect the stability of the new bridge. I'm thinking the string tension would impact it significantly. Why not just measure the center to center distances of the existing holes and ordering the bridge which matches them?

BTW, check out the pickguard hole placements, in case you're buying a pickguard ... there's the 11-hole vintage style where the top hole is almost between the mid and neck PUs, the standard 11 holes where it's closer to the mid PU, plus other variations, etc.