I really admire coxon's guitar work in blur, and also the songs he wrote for blur (coffee and t.v...)and his solo work (bittersweet bundle of misery, standing on my own again, freakin' out...) are amazing tracks.

please tell me your opinions
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Coxon is fantastic Blur are wank with out him. I got Happiness in Magazines, Love Trabels at illegal speeds, Sky is too high and Crow on the blood tree. One of the best modern British Musicians around.
If you do get Happiness in Magazines it's his best so far.
I like Standing on my Own again. Haven't heard anything else though.
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I liked Happiness in Magazines more. It was much easier to get into I reckon. Freakin' Out is the best song ever in the entire world ever.
Gone off him majorly recently, don't rate his new songs at all.
Coxon is much better on his own, extremely talented musician, up there with the best of them. I have happiness in magazines but i love his new stuff and some older stuff too. I went to a gig of his in hammersmith about a month ago and it was awesome. You just can't appreciate how great he is until you go and see him live.
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If you do get Happiness in Magazines it's his best so far.

"Happiness in Magazines" and "Love Travels at Illegal Speeds" are the two that I go with.

Both those albums can be listened to over, and over again--with great little subtleties that you might not notice the first couple times.

And "Don't believe anything I say" has one of my favorite solos....just the way it starts, with the "spanking of the plank"