I use my Agile 3000M, a cheap copy of a Gibson LP for band practice. Instead of the plastic binding typically found on most guitars, the 3000M has wood binding.

The peeling back was about an inch last night, but now it's about 6 inches. I'm thinking of super gluing the entire length of the peel and securing it with those long rubber bands. I need advice on the following:

1. Would super glue by itself work?
2. Do I need to somehow fasten it with some tiny nail?
3. Is there a specific type of glue that I should use?
4. How long should I leave it to cure?

If it's wood binding, and you want to stick it to the wood body, use some kind of strong wood glue.
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I forget what its called exactly but tite bond or something like it sounds right. Its as strong as the wood is. Superglue would work but you'd have to reglue it every once and a while.

Use rubberbands to hold it in place while your wait ing for it to dry
You'd think they just wouldn't paint that part of the body if they were going to do wood binding...
Wood glue or Gorilla glue would be fine. You could use either rubber bands or painters blue masking tape to hold things down.
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