I think most of you mistook the Dion in my last thread as that French-Canadian pain in the arse who sang the Titanic theme song.

I was, in fact, referring Dion Dimucci (commonly referred to as just 'Dion').

Late '50's - led doo-wop meisters, Dion & The Belmonts
Early 60's - wrote classics like Runaround Sue and The Wanderer

Mid 60's - worked on several albums of American folk / blue songs. Although the work recorded during this period was probably the best of his career, he failed to complete a full album due to his escalating dependence on heroin.

Late '60's - re-recorded versions of Dylan track's such as It's All Over Now, Baby Blue which surpassed the originals (hard to believe, but true).

1976 - Following a 10 year lull, Dion worked with legendary producer PHIL SPECTOR on his album, 'Born to be with You.' The album is today cited by bands such as The Verve, Spiritualised and Primal Scream as one of the greatest albums of all time.

If you don't know about him, check him out! Just thought I'd fill you in because not enough people know about this guy.

Now go on and close this thread if you like...
Everyone was taking the piss, and to be honest, I just couldn't help myself but to have that tool talking about queer bags silenced.

I was on your side
Yeah so anyway, Dion was good until he started making Christian music, then it all went down hill.
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Now go on and close this thread if you like...

The first one got closed mainly because it was a big joke, and that no one could take you seriously based on the attitude put forth in that thread. This one is much better and can be taken seriously. The only reason that this one would/will get closed is because you put "Only" in the title and the Mods have this thing for unauthorized "only" threads being made.....
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