Number one

The number one,
A lonely number,
The number one,
All alone

You see me,
You miss me,
Round the corner you forget me,
You walk on past without a whisper or a sigh,

I?m all alone,
A lonely number,
You carry on,
Without any feeling,

Not a second thought,
No sigh or whisper,
Carrying on and on,
No time for a wisher

You sleep through the night,
Without a single worry,
Its just a little flash,
A forgotten face

No toss and turns,
You?re asleep already,
The covers on,
You all night long


Look out for number one,
That?s all I?ve ever done,
They left me one by one,
They have no regrets

The number one,
A lonely number
The number one,
All alone

Chorus x2


i know this isnt great, im nowhere near happy with it but this is my first half decent attempt at lyrics so i thought i would get all your opinionson how to improve it.

Last edited by thesumoftwo at May 5, 2006,
Yeah, man, I was never a fan of long verses and complicated lyrics. But if you're not satisfied, I'd suggest you leave it like it's now and compare it later (when you get closer to what you'd call good at it) with your current lyrics.
Eh. Not too great. At least in the sense that the lyrics just didn't grab my attention.