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I'm looking for just a basic, cheap mic that I can plug directly into my computer. It would have to have decent sound quality, but it doesn't have to sound professional, as I'm saving up for some nice equipment that comes with a good mic. I'd like to record some stuff in the period of time before I get it though. I would also like a mic that I could purchase at some chain electronics store, or just something that is near me, as I want to pick it up ASAP. Any suggestions on mics/where to find them? Thanks.
Alright thanks. Any stores where I would be able to pick that up or must it be off the internet?

EDIT: And sorry for being basically retarded on this subject, but what kind of cord would I need to plug this into a computer? And an amp, if possible?
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XLR - 1/4" and then 1/4" to 1/8".

Shure SM57 is the way to go, all professional studios use them, and will defiantely become a great addition toy our rig when you get better equipment.
Another question answered, thank you very, very much. You guys are a big help. I'm still wondering if I can pick them up at a regular shop or if online is better though.
Ok I'm feeling extra stupid right now, but if anyone could just go to Musician's Friend and point out the cables I would need, that'd be great.
/\/\ i agree,that will really help you quality wise
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for the combined cost you'd be better off getting a small behringer mixer and a rca-1/8" adapter... your choice though.

Would it be digital? If you can't tell, I'm really new at this. If I were going to do this setup, what would I need to buy?
I just got a Shure SM58. Its pretty decent. I agree also with getting a mixer. I'm going to have to get a pre-amp- I tried using my Boss Me-50 multi fx as a pre-mp. Worked okay but couldn't get the right tone- you definately need separate frequency bands (graphic EQ).

Anyone got any suggestion on a good, cheap mic pre-amp?
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