im gunna download a few tracks but i dont know where to start...so please name ur top 5!!

i only have knowledge
Take Warning
Sound System
Bad Town

Why must there be a new Operation Ivy thread every week?
Maybe search for other threads?
But because I'm bored...

1. Smilin
2. Missionary
3. Sleep Long
4. The Crowd
5. Here We Again
take warning
the crowd
bad town
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noones said freeze up, thats my favourite op ivy song. also officer and bankshot are some other good ones that i don't think have been mentioned
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
there are so many operation ivy threads, seriously just search and youll find a load of song suggestions.
I wish we could get an only Op Ivy thread. It's bugging me now.
We get a new OpIvy thread like ecery 2 days,so anyone whose askignt he same question take this advice:

Just listen to all their songs.Find out which ones you like for yourself.Everyone's got different opinions,and someones elses top 5 tracks may not be yours.Just check out all the songs you can.
Was it polemically sent,
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I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
how has no one said Big City yet?
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