So im getting a rat for alt type radiohead distortion. I thought id get a boost with it and a Route 66 has a TS copy and a compressor. What does a compressor really do? Do i need a TS? Do i need a compressor whats it used for?
Compressor cuts peaks and boosts valleys to make the volume of the sound more uniform. Not really great for bluesy style playing that's really dynamic, but sounds really good with heavy rock styles. But, that being said, listening to Radiohead recordings, it doesn't really sound like the guitar tracks are that compressed.
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So do i need a Route 66 (ts and compressor) or is it $140 that i dont really need to spend. (i wanted a ts but for 40 bucks more i get a compressor.)
The comp on the 66 is really good. But if all you want is an OD, I don't see a point in spending an extra 40 just for the sake of having something you won't use.
well if im not going to use a compressor does a jeykll and hyde sound better? i like visual sound and 40 bucks for a second effect sounds pretty good ( thats why im pushing a visual sound pedal rather than just a ts)
I'd take the Jekyll for more versatility, especially if you dabble in heavier ****.
I just got a rat the other day and i think its perfect for radiohead, it gets really heavy and is perfect for solo and rythym work.
I'm not a fan of compression at all, that being said, im a blues guitarist. If you need compression its a good deal, if not, get either the jeckyll and hyde or a normal OD pedal.
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Of course the Rat is perfect for Radiohead...that's what Jonny uses

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