...i was watching the top 40 metal songs of all time on Vh1 the other nite....and i was stunned to find that RATM was on there........and pretty high to....maybe in the late teens (15-20) of the count down..it was the song "bulls on parade"...i always thought they were only considered political rap rock......idk...maybe its just me but that song (..as well as the band) dont seem that metal..

wat do u think?
Some people consider them the founders of Nu-Metal.
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^they'd be wrong.

it was VH1, they, like so many in the media world, dont know rock from metal
like HMV think blink 182 and falloutboy are metal :p
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who really cares...they rock...the songs are awesome...even though some of the riffs are....how do you say...erm ....recycled...like alot of Morello riffs

but hes awesome and the songs are awesome...and i dont care
They try to get audiences from all different styles by throwing in an occasional non-metal song. Definatley not what id call nu-metal though.
There's a thread on RATM like 4 places down.

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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