so do you like bon scott or brian johnson better?
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you used the right form of "their!" i commend you sir!

I cant tell the difference
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If you seriously cant tell the difference, then there is something wrong with you. There is an Only AC/DC thread around here somewhere. Go and discuss this here.
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Bon Scott had a good voice for high pitch songs but personnally i like Brian better even if his voice is shot.

People who have agreed with me:

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you nailed it sgfender.
I like Bon more. I think he's a better singer and they wrote better songs with him but they still kick ass with Brian.
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Who is responsible for bring back a thread from Two Thousand motherfucking Six?

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Bon > Brian
but Brian is not bad just that Bon is better

This thread has been done millions of times.... and there is an only acdc-thread right...
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