Happy Cinco De Mayo, today we remember the sad day when 30 tons of mayo sank into the ocean. cinc od e mayo ! sink of the mayo!

Now that summers is quickly coming lots of college kids are out and if ur still a minor you are almost done. So, it is time to start thinking about what your doing this summer and i mean how are you going to better your self as a guitarist? With all the extra time of summer it is an excellent opportunity to set a goal for your self. Improve your speed? Learn some theory? Start that build you have been talking about since October but never started( i fall there)? Well heres a chance to get yourself started by making a goal for your self. Starting today, May 5th summer ends roughly September 5th. Thats 4 months to do whatever you want to make your self a better guitarist, bassist, whatever!

So what are you guys gonna do this summer? Leave some info about your goals and at the end of the summer we'll resurect this thread to see how you all did!

Good Luck Everyone!

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This summer i'm gonnaplay lots of music, lots of guitar, have lots of sex and drink lots of beer. It is summer after all, it only comes once a year. Warm weather, sunny beaches, bikini's, patio parties and all the loud, rude, crude and devastating rock n roll music you can handle.
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^Hmmm....I'll probably do the same **** I do during the year, except replace school with more hours at the job. I'm trying to start a band, but I all lack initiative.
I'm going to have fun, see my friends and play guitar when I want to (and ONLY when I want to. If you force yourself to play, it becomes a chore and you end up hating it). And celebrate finally being free of secondary school.
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Summer is all about $$$.
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Unfortunately I work all summer (from 8-4 everyday)..so that leaves very little time for practicing. However, once school comes around again i'm going to be taking a music theory course
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Build/sell 5 guitars by the end of the year alteast, I hope to build 3 or 4 of them during the summer. Good way to hone my trade and make some money. I'm in the process of doing 2 of them already, and hope to exceed 5 (I may end up doing only 3 or 4 or doing 6 or 8). I also intend to take up airbrushing and hopefully be able to do true fire by the end of the summer.

To better my playing i'm recording an album. My solo/debut album with me on guitar and vocals (possibly getting a good singer buddy of mine) and random appearances from friends (jam tracks ).
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