Well it was my turn to pick the song in my recording class so I picked this great oasis tune for myself and a few others to whip togather and record. I did: vocals, acoustic guitar electric guitar and mixed on this song. Give her a listen and let me know what you think. Vocals were kinda rushed but I guess they're ok.

Yeh that is pretty nice good vocals and guitar, liked the solo but prehaps more reverb.
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one of my fav oasis songs and you nailed it pretty good. i agree though the electric is a little soft.
sounded good, vocals were good but i didnt like it when the singer draged the words mind and find at the end of the lines. Guitar sounded good, solo sounded good a bit sloppy but good job.

mind taking a look at my dont look back in anger cover http://jamessalter.dmusic.com/ cheers
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Really good cover Singer's pushing it a bit in places and needs to stop breaking up words... It got a bit like an American football game towards the end, it was so stop-start with the vocals. Otherwise, it's something to be proud of
nice cover, sounds different to the original, which is good. Some creativity! 8/10
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Drums are a little too electronic, piano and guitar is all good, and I think the vocals have a little too much reverb on them. Sure, reverb is good when you wanna smother a song in sweet tones.. I would rather hear a more rough sound from the singer

But apart from that, the song is very well performed, and the song choice couldn't get much better!
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This is great. Only problem I had is what others have already said about the vocalist and him chopping up the last words of each line in the verse. It would be better if he just sang it straight. Otherwise everything else sounds very good.