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hehe i get boring so I tried to play some super mario on guitaar :P

i know that its a bit buggy and not in there everytime but its very hard to play this ****ty japanese midi crap in time

super mario download

greets maxi
THe distortion at the end was awesome dude. If you haven't already heard it check out Phish's cover of this.
crit as i go

pretty good so far it seems like ur a bit out of tune. ok one or two of ur strings is definetly flat or somthing but other than that its pretty solid. the only problem i heard was the tunning error other than thaty the notes were 99% spot on good job

plz crit mine
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Not bad, not bad. I did notice that it sounded out of tune, and a lot of the notes in the beginning weren't right though. I actually just learned this song on the guitar a few days ago and are in the process of making a recording of it. I'll post it if you wanna hear when i'm done.
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that was great!! i like the distorted part

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I really enjoyed the ending. Guitars can sound so kickass like that. Good job, I can tell it was hard to play.

Awesome again at the end.
Damn! link doesnt work for me. it sounded really cool too.

EDIT: that was great!
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Man, that was awesome!!!! I loved the rhythm guitar and distortion at the end. Keep up the good work.
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The distorted piece at the end made it for me.

What's your gear?
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hm a crappy fender strat copy i use guitar rig 2 (program for pc) to record the guitar because i havent got a good mic to put it on my amp..
I honestly cracked a smile at the distorted part, awesome I agree, at the beginning, you either hit some wrong notes or the guitar was out of tune. The end was great though
Hahahahaha thats amazin, i learnt this a while ago but yours sounds much better than mine, the distorted bit is sick. couldnt have done better 10/10
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Haha, very nice! I like the distortion!
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dude, you´re genius!

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Lol, that was great, the distortion was wicked, very nice!!!

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ha, at first i was like "this is pretty cool" then when the backround got a bit thicker i was like "hey, this is cool man" then when I heard the distortion i just smiled ear to ear
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ha, at first i was like "this is pretty cool" then when the backround got a bit thicker i was like "hey, this is cool man" then when I heard the distortion i just smiled ear to ear

Duuuuuude, that was awesome.

Let me get the tabs!
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